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Introducing Precision Financial

Precision Financial introduce our clients to financial advisers who have the expertise to improve their financial situation. All of the companies and advisers we work with are highly experienced and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Your adviser will provide you with a free initial consultation in order to fully understand your personal circumstances and plans for the future. Following this you’ll receive their recommendations and if appropriate tailored solutions to deliver results. Our partners offer a range of competitively priced financial products and services including; great value life insurance, estate planning, mortgage comparisons and pension reviews. You’ll get real peace of mind without breaking the bank. All initial consultations and reviews are completely free of charge and carry no obligation to proceed. Get in touch today and start taking a precision approach to your finances.

Financial News

Consultancy Cornwall Insight now forecasts a typical household will pay £4,266 a year for energy. [...]

The Bank of England raises rates as it warns inflation will rise over 13% and the UK faces a long recession. [...]

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